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I hope this will become a useful and used place to stay in touch while we're unable to dance. We've shared some very enjoyable evenings - laughs, frustrations and all - and I really wouldn't like to lose touch completely if it's at all possible.

I haven't done this before and I have tried to keep it simple but if you're having trouble or you wonder if things could work a little differently/better then please let me know. I'll set up a 'tweaks' category on the Forum page.

Above right and next to 'Welcome' you should see the words Log In - if you click on those it will take you to signing up form. This site is visible to non-members online so I have set it up so that I will need to approve your application to join. A formality, for Sandon and fellow dancers.

I hope you'll join me and look forward to hearing from you.



Sandon Scottish Country Dance Club

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